TFHApparel.Com is Now Open

"Kanvas" Bow Tie

"Kanvas" Bow Tie

Welcome to The Female Haberdasher Apparel's

Grand Opening!!!

This is the perfect time to sound a cow bell (or any bell for that matter) for the grand opening of Woohoo!! Does a dance*

Ok, first I want to show you around the shop. Ready? Set, Go!

You've just landed on THE BOWTIE LIFE Blog which will take you and others on my journey of what's it like to be a bow tie designer and more. I will discuss Kickstarter rewards and timelines here as well. Occasionally, TFH will highlight Bow Tie Connoisseurs and discuss upcoming projects/events for TFHA. 

Welcome Page--On the welcome page, you will find a Look Book that highlights bow ties from this Summer/Spring 2013 Collection. There will always be a Look Book on this site, and most times, you can expect it there. The bow ties were paired with recognizable flowers/plants that have bloomed this Spring, Do you recognize any of them? If so, leave me your feedback and answers in the comments section for special rewards in the future.

Shop Page(s)--Now for the part you've all been waiting for: bow tie shopping!! I have a few surprises here waiting for you. It's quite possible that there's a bow tie sitting here with your name on it. What do I mean? I took the luxury of naming some of the bow ties after people and or things that have honored it during one of the Bow Tie Parties. So go see if you've got a bow tie named after you. How special!

  • "Customize Your Fly" page provides instructions how to order custom bow ties which is a TFHA specialty. 
  • "Returns & Shipping" explains our returns and shipping policies.

The shop has been given a clean layout, placing the focus on the bow tie designs. Our bow ties are affordable luxury, quality items that we know you'll love.

Speaking of love, feast your eyes on pics TFHParty Pic Gallery page where you'll find folk lovin' on TFHA. Did you make one of TFHA launch parties in March? If so, you might have a picture there. You may share these pics by re-posting the URL link across social media websites. This page will also list dates for upcoming parties. has been optimized for a mobile shop. Power it up on your phone right now. TFHA mobile design makes shopping on the go--easy and fun!

About--This section tells you all about TFHA, how it got started and where it's headed. There are a few positions opened in the Careers section, so please check that out. Also find our Contact page. Any inquiries you might have can be forwarded to the administrator by using this page. And don't forget to signup for TFHA Newsletter; there's a contact form in the footer.

Now Go! Enjoy the site. Shop around. Find your pictures. Find a bow tie with your name on it and share it with the world as we intend to continue to share our love for bow ties and people with you! 

Thank you for checking us out on our Grand Opening Day!! We're so glad you came!